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The Effects of Ozone Depletion Essay - 1265 Words

The ozone layer is a deep layer in the Earth’s stratosphere that has an altitude of about 6.2 miles and contains a high concentration of ozone molecules. The ozone layer shields the entire Earth from some of the harmful ultraviolet rays that come from the sun. The Earth’s atmosphere is composed of several layers, but the layer that we live in - the â€Å"troposphere† – is where most weather occurs. Above the troposphere is the stratosphere which is where most of the effects caused by ozone holes and global warming originate. The ozone layer absorbs 97% to about 99% of the Sun’s medium-frequency ultraviolet light which could otherwise potentially harm and damage exposed life forms on the surface of the Earth. There are three main types of†¦show more content†¦When chloroflurocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) reach the stratosphere, the Suns’ ultraviolet radiation causes these compounds to break apart and release chlorine atoms which then begin to react with the ozone. Just one chlorine atom in the ozone can break more than 100,000 ozone molecules. Other chemicals that are harmful to the ozone include methyl bromide (which is used as pesticide), halons (which are used in fire extinguishers), and methyl chloroform (used as a solvent in industrial processes). When methyl bromide and halons rise to the atmosphere and break apart, they release bromine atoms. These bromine atoms are approximately 60 times more destructive to the ozone layer than chlorine atoms are. Dramatic loss of the ozone in the lower stratosphere was discovered over Antarctica in the 1970s. The severe depletion of stratospheric ozone in the Antarctic has increased ultraviolet radiation at the surface and affected climate at southern high latitudes and northern low latitudes. Due to these several ozone hole discoveries, an international treaty was signed in 1973 called the Montreal Protocol. The treaty was enacted to help reduce the manufacturing of these chemicals thatShow MoreRelatedOzone Layer Depletion And Its Effects1575 Words   |  7 Pages Ian Grimmond Ozone Layer Depletion When you walk outside, there is a pale blue molecule up in the Stratosphere that is protecting you every second of every day of your life, this molecule is called ozone. Ozone is made of oxygen and has a chemical equation of OO2. It is layered all over our Stratosphere and protects us from harmful UV rays from the sun. Without this in our atmosphere, we would mostly likely not live as long on this Earth. Sadly however, this ozone layer is depleting, andRead More Global Effects of Ozone Depletion Essay1135 Words   |  5 PagesGlobal Effects of Ozone Depletion Ozone depletion in the earth’s atmosphere is under constant scrutiny by the American press and people. Perhaps the concern is warranted; the ozone layer protects life on earth by absorbing 97-99% of the damaging ultraviolet radiation from the sun (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2006). Over the past twenty years, the stratospheric ozone has decreased approximately 3% per decade. Possible concerns have been raised about loss of polar caps, DNA damageRead More Effect of Stratospheric Ozone Depletion on Aquatic Ecosystems847 Words   |  4 PagesThe Effect of Stratospheric Ozone Depletion on Aquatic Ecosystems Introduction Throughout the years, advances in technology and scientific development have greatly influenced our global community. Various anthropogenic factors, such as the increased combustion of fossil fuels and widespread usage of manmade chemicals, have greatly affected the planets atmosphere and its ozone layer. Ozone Depletion The stratospheric ozone layer is the Earths natural means of protection fromRead MoreOzone Depletion And Its Negative Effects On Aquatic Skin1139 Words   |  5 Pages Ozone Depletion and Its Negative Effects on Aquatic Skin The Ozone is made up of three oxygen molecule joint together by covalent bond (O3) which is mostly found in the stratosphere of the Earth. Although it is a poisonous gas, it is important in many ways for human as well as other aquatic and terrestrial animals. But due to the large emission of the halogens and CFCs ozone is being depleted rapidly (Vermishev and Danilov-Danilyan 360-361). The enormous disadvantage of the ozone layer depletionRead More Stratospheric Ozone Depletion and Its Effect on Skin Cancer Incidence2712 Words   |  11 Pagesresearchers alike are beginning to ask questions about the symbiotic relationship between human well being and physical change. Abstract This research compilation plans to use one environmental health component of the global change phenomena - ozone depletion and skin cancer - to advance and deepen your understanding of the relationships between human wellness and environmental change. This project should deepen understanding by developing a framework for conceptualizing environmental health policyRead More Air Pollution, Smog, Acid Rain, the Greenhouse Effect, and Ozone Depletion1326 Words   |  6 Pagesenormous piles of garbage, burning tons of fossil fuels, and driving millions of miles each year, but do we truly know how much this affects our society and our Earth? Smog, acid rain, the greenhouse effect, and ozone depletion are some of the effects that have resulted from air pollution. Health effects caused by filthy air are also a serious problem that has resulted from pollution. Smog is a term that was created from smoke and fog. It is found most typically in urban and suburban areas ratherRead MoreEssay on OZONE DEPLETION BY HUMAN’S ACTIONS1659 Words   |  7 PagesOZONE DEPLETION BY HUMAN’S ACTIONS The ozone layer is a very important component in the atmosphere. Ozone is not the same as the oxygen humans breathe. There is very little of this gas in the atmosphere. First off, let’s begin with a definition of the ozone layer. Ozone is a hot, slightly bluish gas. It is a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms, which are very similar to the molecule we are familiar with (O2), the molecule needed for human respiration. Despite the major smog problemRead MoreOzone Layer Protection973 Words   |  4 PagesConservation of Ozone in Hong Kong The ozone layer present in the stratosphere of the Earth is utmost important to us as it protects us from the exposure of ultraviolet rays which leads to several harmful effects. Without the ozone layer, human will be more prone to skin cancer and eye cataracts. Ultraviolet rays can also cause harm to marine life by reducing the amount of planktons and consequently depreciates the amount of fishes in the ocean. Besides that, the depletion of the ozone layer disruptsRead MoreHuman Intervention With The Natural Environment1535 Words   |  7 Pagesstop is Ozone Layer Depletion. The ozone layer absorbs a portion of the radiation from the sun, preventing it from reaching the planet s surface (USEPA). During the last fifty years, human actions have resulted in extensive reduction in the ozone layer of the atmosphere. The ozone layer has been found to be affected when certain natural occurrences happen like stratospheric winds and Sun-spots. These natural occurrences have been found to be temporary and only cause insignificant depletion of theRead MorePollution Of Fossil Fuels And Deforestation Essay1484 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Sun’s solar energy arrives at the Earth’s atmosphere, a portion of the energy is bounced back into space while the remainder is absorbed by the land and bounced back by the greenhouse gasses and that is a natural process called the Greenhouse Effect (MFE Australia, 2013). What are Greenhouse gasses? Greenhouse gasses are emissions that traps heat in the atmosphere (EPA, 2012). Main greenhouse gasses consists of Carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), Nitrous Oxide (NO2) and Fluorinated gasses (EPA

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Essay on The History of Slavery - 570 Words

Slavery has a lot of effects on African Americans today. History of slavery is marked for civil rights. Indeed, slavery began with civilization. With farming’s development, war could be taken as slavery. Slavery that lives in Western go back 10,000 years to Mesopotamia. Today, most of them move to Iraq, where a male slave had to focus on cultivation. Female slaves were as sexual services for white people also their masters at that time, having freedom only when their masters died. In South American countries, during the period from late 19th and early 20th centuries, requirement for making the labor to be more focused harvesting of rubber, expansion and slavery in Latin America and somewhere else. Original people were changed as†¦show more content†¦The changing from indentured servants to racial slavery gradually happened. Only a percentage of the African slavery brought to the New World ended up in British North America about 5%. Most of the slaves went by ships acr oss the Atlantic were sent to Caribbean sugar colonies, Brazil or maybe Spanish America. In the 1680s, slaves of African were imported to English colonies with considerable numbers. Also in that time, British farmers in the northern colonies were buying slavery with great numbers too. Slavery in North America was changing. Even though there were blacks, half if black and white people and America were born slave owners in some colonies in the Americas, and many white did not own slaves. In the Americas, chattel slavery was basically different from other parts of the world because of the original dimension. Like somewhere in the world, slaves often have a same or similar culture as the slave owners. An old slave could spread freely into society. A generation later, their former slave status would be forgotten. Otherwise, slavery was the important effect to promote causes of the Civil War. Approximately, in one Southern family has four held slaves to war. According to the 1860 in the United Stated, about 385,000 individuals owned one or more slaves. About of black people lived in the South, including one third of the population there as protested to 1% of the population of theShow MoreRelatedSlavery in History713 Words   |  3 PagesSlavery has been around for centuries, and still is present today with the development of custom definition. Slavery does not only affect the caucasian and the African americans. When you think of slavery, what do you think of? Who is affected? Slavery is so important because it was a geological and world-wide act. This act of slavery affected many people for the good and the bad. The economy and plantation owners were affected in the act of slavery. You should be informed that, how slavery affectedRead MoreSlavery, A World History1107 Words   |  5 Pagespreviously existed throughout history, in many instances and most countries is known as slavery. So what exactly is it? How did slavery begin? And what does it mean in our world today? These are complex questions that are often asked and, possibly, by understanding the forms it takes and the roles such slaves perform. What daily life is like for those enchained and what can be done to end this demeaning practice may help in answering those questions. It is known that slavery is a system under which peopleRead MoreHistory : Existence Of Slavery Essay1596 Words   |  7 PagesKristin Ikeler History 1301 Existence of Slavery in America One of the historic foundations that the United States was formed on was known as slavery. Slavery had such an immense impact on American history from the early sixteenth century to the nineteenth century. It has facilitated in shaping the modern world, in addition to slavery had a strong role in forming the United States Constitution as we know it today. Slavery refers to an individual who is owned by othersRead MoreAmerican History: Slavery910 Words   |  4 PagesSlavery (APA) American History Slavery (Order #A2094863) Question #1 In the first half of the 19th century the Untied States quickly expanded westward, but as the country grew the expansion of slavery became a hotly contended issue. Those states that already allowed slavery, mostly the South, wanted to expand the institution into newly established territories and states, while non-slave states in the North wanted to curtail it. In response, a series of compromises were reached in Congress whereRead MoreSlavery, a World History1095 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Slavery,† an issue some would say is complicated. So what exactly is slavery? What does it mean? And how did it come to be? These are complex questions that are often asked and possibly, by understanding the forms it takes and the roles such slaves performed. What daily life is like for those enchained and what can be done to end this demeaning practice may help in answering those questions. It is known that slavery is a system under which people are treated as property to be bought, sold a nd areRead MoreAncient History and Slavery836 Words   |  4 PagesSlavery is a condition defined as one human being owning another human. Ancient history shows the Greeks, Romans and Mayans accepted slavery. Later continental Europeans became involved in slavery, importing slaves from Africa to the New World. During this time over eleven million African slaves were taken from their homeland as part of the transatlantic slave trade. Eventually the American Civil War led to slaves freedom due to the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, which was signed byRead MoreHistory IA on Slavery1380 Words   |  6 Pagesanalyzed by Robert P. Green, a â€Å"distinguished professor† who claims a Masters in United States History, a Bachelors in History and has taught American Educational History, Principles of American Education along with several other courses at Clemson College. Green’s purpose is to provide a volume of information for students to learn the basic facts behind pivotal events in African American legal history and to understand controversial views of these events all leading up to the civil rights movementRead MoreThe Unwritten History Of Slavery2506 Words   |  11 Pages and domestic. Egypt dedicated her life to social work through various activities. She worked as a sociologist, researcher, teacher, director of organizations, and social worker at different times in her life. Egypt’s book, The Unwritten History of Slavery (1968), and the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Southeast Washington D.C. named after her represent Egypt’s legacy and how one person is capable of social change. Egypt was born in 1903 and raised near Clarksville in northeast rural Texas (WardRead MoreThe History of Slavery in the Americas732 Words   |  3 Pagesharder labored source, much better than indentured servants (who were mostly poor Europeans). In 1619, a Dutch ship brought 20 African Americans to the British colonies of Jamestown, Virginia, Charleston, and mostly any other big cities on the cost. Slavery spread throughout the American colonies pretty fast. It is impossible to give an exact number, but some historians have estimated that 6 to 7 million slaves were imported to the Americas during the 18th century alone. They took some of Africa’s healthiestRead MoreInfluence Of Slavery On American History1351 Words   |  6 PagesInfluence of Slavery on American History From the first 20 slaves brought to Jamestown in 1619, the abolishment of slavery through the 13th amendment to the United States Constitution, slaves and slavery have played an important role in the establishment and economic growth of the United States of America. From its beginning, slavery has divided America on its pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Separating from its own oppressor on the words â€Å"That all men are created equal, that they are

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Smoking effects Essay Example For Students

Smoking effects Essay The Effects of SmokingIntroductionSmoking cigarettes damage the body in a number of different ways. Over several years, the American Council on Science and Health and many others have documented the effects of smoking. Everyone knows that it is bad for you, but not many know how it affects the body. There are many myths about smoking, which mainly occur with all of the teens that are smoking. Most teens dont know that the effects of smoking are mostly permanent. They think that they can smoke for a few years and then quit without suffering any long-term effects. This is most worrying to me, because the recent finding, reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), claims that teen smoking rates have increased by nearly a third within the last six years. Teen smokers who believe that all of the health hazards will go away when they quit, usually have an I can always quit tomorrow, or the next week, month or year mentality. They feel as if they can walk away from smo king with no long term effects, which couldnt be further from the truth. The quitting success rates of teenagers is also very low. Less than 16% of the 633 teen smokers in a study were able to kick the habit. Most teens report that they want to quit but are unable to do so, says the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Teen smokers quickly become addicted to nicotine and when trying to fight the addiction, experience high relapse and withdrawal symptoms. Of the 46 million smokers in the United States, 34 percent try to quit each year, but less than 10 percent succeed. Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. It accounts for almost 500,000 deaths per year, or one in every five deaths. Smoking also contributes to a breathtaking amount of diseases which includes coronary heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, peripheral vascular disease, peptic ulcer disease, and many types of cancer. Irreversible Health EffectsWi th smoking, the reversibility of health effects is influenced by many factors. For one, the amount of smoking exposure (number of cigarettes per day and the duration of smoking). The presence of other diseases already in the body, genetics and even nutritional factors enter into the equation. Quitting brings benefits no matter what age. It is a fact that quitting prolongs life and reduces the risk of tobacco-related cancers. There however, is still some irreversible effects of smoking. Some organs in the body will never recover fully from the damage the smoke has done. These consist of the respiratory system, heart, eyes, mouth and even the urinary and digestive organs. Respiratory SystemSmoking directly irritates and damages the respiratory tract. Each year, a person who smokes one-pack-a-day smears the equivalent of one cup of tar over his or her respiratory tract. This irritation and damage cause a variety of symptoms, including bad breath, cough, wheezing, and respiratory infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia. These effects can be reduced, but not entirely reversed, by quitting. Smoking is the principal risk factor for developing chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Emphysema is characterized by permanent structural changes in the lung tissue. The deterioration in lung function associated with chronic bronchitis and emphysema is directly related to duration of smoking and the number of cigarettes smoked. Smoking during childhood not only increases the risk of developing chronic bronchitis and emphysema in adulthood, but also lowers the age of the life. Every person in the world, smoker and nonsmoker, experiences a slow decline of lung function starting at about age 30. In smokers this gradual decline starts both with a lower amount of functioning and at an earlier age. Smokers suffer from decreased lung reserve, meaning they are unable to run, or even walk as far or as fast as their peers who have never smoked. Thus, smokers can expect permanently impaired lung function compared to their nonsmoker peers. .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90 , .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90 .postImageUrl , .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90 , .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90:hover , .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90:visited , .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90:active { border:0!important; } .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90:active , .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90 .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u9e9952b6069d983c46493f67e040af90:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Poem Analysisi EssayChronic irritation of the respiratory lining and a wide variety of carcinogens cause permanent changes in the cells lining the respiratory tract. These changes can lead to cancer, says the American Thoracic Society. Cigarette smoking is, in fact, the major cause of lung cancers. The quitting of smoking reduces lung cancer risk anywhere from 30-50 percent 10 years after quitting. The risk also continues to decrease as the staying away from cigarettes continues. Heart and Blood CirculationPremature coronary heart disease (CHD) is one of the most important medical consequences of smoking. Sadly, sudden death may be the first sign of CHD, and sudden death is four times more likely to occur in young male cigarette smokers than in nonsmokers. The excessive risk or CHD is cut in half with quitters one year after they have quit, as compared to the continuation of smoking. However, the risk level doesnt return to that of a nonsmoker until 15 years after quitting. Smoking also causes strong risk factors for several types of blood-vessel disease. Smoking causes poor circulation to the legs by narrowing the blood vessels that supply these extremities. Quitting reduces, but does not eliminate, this risk. Once it becomes symptomatic, such circulatory impairment often requires surgery. Mouth, Throat, Eyes and NoseThe mouth, throat, eyes and nose are all decreased in function as a result of smoking. All of the tissues around the face respond to smoking by thickening and undergoing cellular changes that can eventually lead to mouth, throat and esophageal cancer. Gum disease and tooth loss are also common among smokers. Cigarette smoke irritates and can permanently damage the tissues of the larynx. The effect of this is a noticeable deepening and hoarseness in the voices of chronic smokers. Smoking can also affect the eyes. A recent study has conclusions that, after 50,000 smokers were tracked for 12 years, smokers are two to three times as likely to develop blindness, as compared to nonsmokers. The study was done by Dr. Willet Seddon and Dr. Glynn Christen, who further said that the risk was caused by a reduced amount of blood flow to the eyes. Cataracts, or a clouding of the eye lens, are another visual problem that occurs with cigarette smoking. Smokers are at a 40 % higher risk for developing cataracts as compared to nonsmokers. So, smoking doesnt only affect the heart and respiratory systems but the whole face. Urinary Tract and Digestive OrgansSmoking causes bladder and kidney cancer. It is, in fact, the strongest risk factor known for developing bladder cancer. An ex-smokers risk of bladder cancer is reduced by a half within a few years of quitting smoking, says the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. However, the risk for bladder cancer doesnt fully extinguish for many years. Smoking also creates a higher risk for pancreatic cancer and colon cancer. Smoking causes a decrease for esophageal sphincter pressure, which, in turn, allows acid to move from the stomach into the esophagus. When quitting smoking, the risk is reduced to 75%, but the high risk still stays around for approximately ten years. ConclusionThere should be no illusions as to the dangers of cigarettes. The combination of the highly addictive, active substance, nicotine, and an array of poisonous chemicals can drastically affect ones health. People who smoke for as brief a period of 10 years show a substantially higher rate of death, disease and disability. Smokers should not believe that they can smoke safely for 10-15 years, then become of the lucky few who do quit, and then believe that they are healthy and risk free, as if they had never smoked at all. Theyre at risk for many irreversible diseases and health issues. The next time someone asks you if you want to light up, remember: Only 20% of smokers who try to quit are successful on a long term basis; for every four of those who take up smoking, the very decision to begin itself is irreversible. .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf , .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf .postImageUrl , .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf , .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf:hover , .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf:visited , .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf:active { border:0!important; } .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf:active , .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u119af3fad41ed623c8f722278356abdf:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Will EssayWorks CitedCenters for Disease Control and Prevention. What the Label Doesnt Tell You. 1998; Pgs. 47, 386-389U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Reducing the Health Consequences of Smoking: 25 Years of Progress. A Report of the Surgeon General. Rockville, MD: U.S. Public Health Service; 1989Seddon JM, Willit WC, Speizer FE, Hankinson SE. A Prospective Study of Cigarette Smoking and Age Related Macular Degeneration in Women. 1996; Pg. 276Christen WG, Glynn RJ, Manson LE, Ajani UA, Buring JE. A Prospective Study of Cigarette Smoking and Risk of Age Related Macular Degeneration in Men. 1996;Pg. 276Words/ Pages : 1,407 / 24

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Beowulf And Batman Essay Example For Students

Beowulf And Batman Essay The classic hero possesses strength, ethics; and, above all, fights evil. This model applied in the time of Beowulf and still applies today, only slightly modified. As a result of such innovations as television and fashion magazines, society has come to value physical attractiveness and sexual prowess, as evident in the example of Batman, a modern day hero. In addition, humility has become a desired quality in modern times, whereas self-confidence to the point of arrogance was a favorable attribute in the time of Beowulf. Despite the differences, similarities between the Anglo-Saxon hero and modern day hero can be seen through the comparison of Beowulf and Batman. Beowulf and Batman both possess the heroic quality of strength. Beowulf swims for seven day and fights nine sea-monsters, a feat that most men cannot accomplish. He demonstrates his strength again in the battle with Grendel. Beowulf tears off Grendels arms using his bare hands. Batman also has the classic heroic quality of strength. Batman single-handedly fights gangs of criminals on numerous occasions in the movie Batman, showing not only muscular strength, but endurance, much like that of Beowulf. Batman echoes the heroic strength of Beowulf. Batman and Beowulf also have strong codes of ethics. Batman often releases criminals after a fight instead of killing them. The criminals were not an immediate life threat, so Batman did not feel it was right to kill them. His code of ethics does not allow for murder, therefore Batman kills only when absolutely necessary. Beowulf reveals his adhesion to a code of ethics in his argument with Unferth. Beowulf condemns Unferth, saying You murdered your brothers, your own close kin. Words and bright wit wont help your soul; youll suffer hells fires, Unferth, forever tormented. Batman and Beowulf share the same code of ethics: one that condemns murder. The heroes are true to their ethics and only kill when absolutely necessary. Another heroic quality shared by Batman and Beowulf is their commitment to fighting evil. When a villain attacks innocent citizens, the hero is there to protect them and fight the attacker. Beowulf protects herot, traveling from Geatland to aid King Hrothgar and fight Grendel. After the battle with Grendel, Beowulf remains to kill Grendels mother. Beowulf knows that as a hero, he must protect these people, even if they are not his people. Batman also knows he must fight evil in Gotham City, although he perceives no personal threat. Batman battles criminals on city streets and ultimately fights and destroys the Joker. These enemies do not pose a threat to Batman himself, but he fights them to save the people of Gotham City. Both Batman and Beowulf wear this heroic responsibility to fight evil well.

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Georgia Okeeffe Essays (1340 words) - Humanities, Culture, Feminism

Georgia O'keeffe Georgia OKeeffe was an artist of world renown but a person of mysterious character. She lived a unique life which was not accepted as moral by most people. She surrounded herself with artistic, creative minds and carefully selected her friends and confidants. Events in her youth influenced her actions and artwork for almost 100 years. OKeeffe moved about the country, a lover of travel who never was satiated. She came from an eccentric family with mixed ethnic heritage, and the women around her were strong and self- confident. Her life was an epic tale, worthy of retelling. On November 15, 1887, Georgia was second born of seven children to Ida and Francis OKeeffe. Living in rural Wisconsin, her father came from a typical Irish Catholic matriarchy, where mothers word was final. Ida OKeeffe was an ambitious woman whose dream of becoming a doctor was laid to her marriage to the tenant farmer a loveless union (Hogrefe 13). Perhaps it was the stifling of her ambition that led Ida to treat Georgia so badly. As a young girl, the artist was described as precocious, mentally mature, and queen of the castle, whether it be in relation to her siblings or fellow students in the studio. Either way, her mother was generally a cold person who offered little affection to her oldest daughter, even going so far as to lock her in the back room, alone, when company came. Thus, Georgia turned to a close relationship with her father. The family knew that Georgia was Franks favorite, and he took her on excursions and gave her special privileges. All this came with consequences, though. It is a widely accepted fact that she was sexually abused by her father, older brother, or both, which accounts for many of OKeeffes unorthodox behaviors throughout her life. For example, in boarding school she was known to kiss and touch her female classmates frequently. When enrolled in classes at the Art Students League in New York City, she ran, terrified, out of a figure drawing class where stood a male nude model. In all her years, Georgia surrounded herself with ineffectual males who were frequently homosexual. Perhaps she liked them because they posed no threat to her. On the other hand, she adored her female counterparts, having friendships with some and sexual relationships with others. She was even known to sit in a shed at the Stieglitz summer home in Lake George, NY, and paint naked for hours. Sometimes her young niece would make art at her side, and it is uncertain whether there were romantic relations between them. It was clear that Georgias unusual upbringing led to an unusual lifestyle, in any case. Ida seemed to want a somewhat normal life for her children, and insisted they be brought up Protestant, but the only private school in the area was Catholic. The OKeeffes could only afford to send one child at a time, and rotated public and private education yearly. Georgia had many memories of being taught by strict and severe nuns. She received art instruction beginning in her youth and thus began a legacy of creative genius. OKeeffes first interaction with the masters like Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, and others was by copying famous works. This practice was widely used and encouraged in art schools all over the world. Then she met a teacher who instructed her in the Dow Method. Instead of copying the works of others, [it] advocated that students produce original artwork from the beginning of their instruction.(Hogrefe 25). Alon Bement taught Georgia most of the concepts she would ever use or apply in her artwork. This was the summer of 1912 at the University of Virginia. After this, Georgia took up a teaching position in Amarillo, Texas, an area she found to be paradisiacal. She was an excellent teacher, well- liked, and always kept her students interested. The Texan landscape was like nothing she had ever seen before, with skies and plains stretching out further than the mind could fathom. The places she saw in the West inspired her, and she could never escape it for very long without feeling a strong sense of longing. It was from there that she drew most of the objects, images and memories which she put in her paintings. She lived out west for a significant portion of her life because things were simpler and most people did not ask too many questions. One of OKeeffes friends from art

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Figurative Language Versus Literal Language Essay Example

Figurative Language Versus Literal Language Essay Example Figurative Language Versus Literal Language Essay Figurative Language Versus Literal Language Essay Figurative Language versus Literal Language Critical Thinking – PHI 210 Figurative Language versus Literal Language Figurative language is a language that uses embellished words or expressions to convey a message different from the literal interpretation. They are not to be taken literally but instead are meant to be imaginative (creative, inventive, offbeat), vivid (intense, flamboyant, dramatic) and evocative (suggestive). Poets (and writers) frequently use figurative language as a way to make their words jump off the page. Case in point, â€Å"its raining hard† is literal; however, â€Å"its raining cats and dogs† is figurative – unless animals are literally falling from the sky. So in short, figurative language is used to add spice to text/words that would be uninteresting (dull, unexciting) otherwise. Executed (delivered) well, it can shrewdly (ingeniously) get a point across. However, an improper delivery can potentially lead to confusion. An idiom is a catchphrase (expression) that deviates from the usual meaning of the words used. Idioms would be nonsensical if taken in a literal context. For example, â€Å"don’t bring sand to the beach† is a clever way of telling someone not to take something that will already be supplied – such as taking alcohol to a bar. Using this idiom on someone not proficient in English would cause a delay in communication since the person would not understand the contextualization. They would be stumped and wonder why anyone would actually take sand to the beach in the first place. An analogy is a logical argument used to illustrate how two disconnected (disassociated, separate) things (concepts) share similar (certain) characteristics. : This form of figurative language is used with the intent of helping individuals grasp the concept of complex (ideas). For example, a teacher might instruct a confused student to think of pizza slices when trying to solve fractions; pizza slices are something the student can easily compare and relate to. There are two subcategories of analogies: metaphors and similes. A metaphor is a figure of speech that is phrased more like a direct statement than a comparison. For example, â€Å"life is a rollercoaster† is a phrase used to describe the ups and downs of life. If interpreted in the wrong context or used in the wrong situation, it might cause some confusion in communication. A simile is an expression that compares two things and explicitly contains either â€Å"like† or â€Å"as† to highlight the likeness. For example, â€Å"clean as a whistle† is used to describe someone that is flawless and free from guilt. However, interpreted literally, someone might question how exactly a whistle can be deemed clean seeing as how it is a mouth instrument. A cliche is a stale and overused statement that has consequently lost all sentiment. For example, â€Å"what goes around comes around†, â€Å"you get what you pay for† and â€Å"break a leg† are all examples of cliches. Cliches should be avoided as they demonstrate a lack of original thought and effort. And as with any figurative speech, a cliche can baffle anyone unfamiliar with the expression or oblivious to the context. An amphiboly is a sentence that, due to its structure, leaves room for more than one interpretation. For example, â€Å"the roads are dangerous†¦teenagers shouldn’t drive†. This sentence either implies that teenagers are the cause for the dangerous roads or the roads are too dangerous for them to be driving on. Sometimes amphibolies are done intentionally in an attempt at humor. Depending on the intended usage, amphibolies should be reworded to clear any confusion or ease an offended audience. A â€Å"flame word† is a term used to describe a word used to incite anger or argument. Confusion can occur because some â€Å"flame words† can also be used in sarcasm. For instance, depending circumstance, the word â€Å"loser† can be used as either an insult or a term of endearment. From a bully, the word is meant to be harsh. From a friend, the word is meant to be playful. A hyperbole uses exaggeration for emphasis or effect. For example, â€Å"I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse† or â€Å"this book weighs a ton†. Both examples are an exaggerated form of figure of speech used to prove a point. A euphemism is a less harsh, politically correct way of phrasing something. For instance, one might say they â€Å"lost their lunch† as opposed to â€Å"vomited† or â€Å"threw up†. Depending on the situation, someone might think they literally lost their lunch and offer to help them find it. A colloquialism is a grammatical expression that is only acceptable in casual conversation. It refers to language patterns or phrases that are indicative to a particular region or people. For instance, people in one region may associate â€Å"grub† with food while another region might associate that word with â€Å"dirty†. With all of the aforementioned types of figurative language, knowing your audience is essential in avoiding miscommunication. References Croce, R. , Horvat, M. , Zagrodnik, J. (2010, October 1). Utilization of Sensory Information in Intellectual Disabilities. Journal of Developmental Physical Disabilities. 22, 463-473, DOI 10. 1007/s10882-009-9182-4 Facione, P. (1998). Critical thinking: What it is and why it counts. Millbrae, CA: California Academic Press.

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Review of the Literature (It is related Final Project) Article

Review of the Literature (It is related Final Project) - Article Example These components remain applicable to different professions, but specific professions have ethical values governed by prevailing legal elements within the profession. While some professions remain generally governed by internal regulation, other professions, like nursing and midwifery, have statutory bodies regulating professional ethical conduct. Ethical issues in healthcare profession Contrary to other professions, the healthcare professional ethics are governed by statutory bodies. These bodies impose an element of legality within the professional ethics. The close relationships between these elements create significant difficulty of separating malpractices based on ethical values and those related to legal values. The healthcare professional ethics become complicated by the inclusion of numerous statutory laws, professional regulations and expected high standards of practice. Ethical issues within the profession become intertwined within the numerous legal elements governing oper ating standards, expected by the society from medical professionals. While certain elements remain legal within the provisions of law, ethical factors could contradict numerous undertaking of the medical profession. Abortion, for example, is legal within many American jurisdictions; however, performing abortion might appear unethical because of the attributed societal concerns (Greenwood, 2012). Confidentiality This issue remains both ethical and legal within the medical profession. Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Act of 1996, privacy rule requires medical professionals to maintain confidentiality of a patient’s medical information. Ethically, information shared between a patient and doctor should remain confined within their knowledge. Medical professionals could be legally sued for allowing leakage of such information. Deliberate release of this information could amount to unethical practice, but could also initiate litigation from the aggr ieved party (Wafa, 2010). This information could, however, be mistakenly released from confining information centers resulting in legal action being undertaken against the medical professional involved. Though there are legal elements concerning information confidentiality, healthcare professional are never administered with legal oaths of confidentiality. The lack of legally binding agreements to confidentiality, places the issue within ethical boundaries. Healthcare professional remain ethically bound to these legislative measures concerning various ethical practices. The major advantage of this legal and ethical element remains the ability for public members to initiate legal action against medical practitioners. The need to avoid litigation processes could enhance better confidentiality within the healthcare profession. Should mistakes occur, leading to leakage of such information, the medical professionals’ careers become risky. Lawsuits against doctors could have advers e effects on reputation of doctors; hence affect their abilities in delivering or undertaking similar healthcare operations. While medical professions become careful in maintaining confidentiality, instances breaching the confidentiality could become career-destroying moments. Malpractice This could be defined as an element of both legal and ethical practice factors. Malpractice borders between legal and ethical

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Project management and how it relates to purchasing and supply Research Paper

Project management and how it relates to purchasing and supply management - Research Paper Example To ensure that vendors participate in the procurement process, firms are under obligation to issue request for proposal (RFP).Once the vendors receive the RFP, they should submit their proposals. The proposals are then reviewed by selection committee. This paper analyses two ways of improving the assessment of proposals. These include use of preliminary screening and professional review and assessment. Major stages applied during the selection of the most qualified vendor in a proposal include review of all proposal submitted by the vendors, recording the vendor and business requirements, assigning important value for each requirement, assigning performance value to each requirement, computation of total performance value and lastly selection of the successful vendor. In their efforts to create a strong relationship with their clients and suppliers, it is imperative for firms to implement a contract that covers the delivery terms and conditions, duration of a contract and payment ter ms. Project management entails the processes that are undertaken by the project managers to ensure that the specific objectives of a project are attained. The key processes include securing, planning, organizing, and managing the available resources (Harold, 2003). On the other hand, purchasing and supply management encompasses the procurement, monitoring of goods while in transit, storage of raw material, the level and quality of supplies. Some of the major factors that determine the success of a project are the availability of raw materials at the required time and quality, the costs of transportation of the raw materials and effective communication between the project managers and the purchasing and supply manager. In this regard, it is clear that project management and purchasing and supply management have a close link that firms cannot overlook. This paper analyses the crucial aspects

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THE IMPACT OF COMPETITION ON AIR TRAVEL SERVICES A CASE STUDY OF VIRGIN ATLANTIC - Research Proposal Example This study will use quantitative methods of research tom collect data on the effects of competition on the operational and organizational structure of Virgin Atlantic Airlines (Utton 2007). The researchers distributed questionnaires to the respondents and the data collected sampled for analysis. Similarly, some respondents who were not in a position to fill in the questionnaires were interviewed to determine the specific impacts the entry of new airlines would have on the general operation of Virgin Atlantic (Utton 2007). The analysis the collected data through questionnaires was done through statistical programs, and specifically SPSS. Correspondingly, the interview data will be analyzed for four major themes that includes a number of crucial factors. The quotations from the interview will be used in the illustration of study findings from this research work. This research will ascertain that any form of competition either through entry of new airlines into the market, introduction of similar products of service delivery systems into the market and differences in pricing policies have significant effects on the operation and survival of the Virgin Atlantic Airlines. Any form of competition in any viable firm, though instrumental in defining the operational structures of the firm can be detrimental if not countered by appropriate policies (Malaval & BeÃŒ naroya 2002). This research recommends that Virgin Atlantic Airlines be more vigilant and proactive to any changes in the market systems. By checking on the operational strategies of competing firms and establishing better service delivery systems than the competition firms, Virgin Atlantic will be in a better position to attain a fairly high competitive market advantages. The management of Virgin Atlantic should aim at being a leading airline in terms of service delivery and efficiency. Like any other service industry, Virgin

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Target Corporation

Target Corporation Executive Summary: This report shows an in-depth study of Target Corporation, the accomplishments, and the programs offered, it shows why this is a place where consumers can shop in comfort and security. It also shows a place where people like to shop, and why people like Target Corporation. It goes beyond the cash registers, with a multitude of socioeconomic programs and community outreach endeavors. Target gives back to local communities on a large scale in education and internships for the development of our future leaders and business people. Target offers a workforce and a workplace that embrace diversity, which gives the corporation an economic advantage, which makes them more competitive in this global economy. Although, if you searched for bad comments about a corporation you can find them and this will hold true of any corporate giant. These articles are misleading and should not be taken out of context. We are dealing with the positive aspects of this Corporation that far outweigh the negativ e. So take a trip to your local Target store and see for yourself. Experience the helpful staff, the clean and bright shopping environment, and everything that Target is offering over the competition! The founders vision, for a company that is focused on all of the stakeholders remains clear. Team 1 has concluded that we do in fact like Target very much, and have enjoyed writing this report. Every one of us has formed a positive opinion of the discount chain, although the company is not perfect it does stand out as the best in its class. Other discount stores that compete with our favorite just do not measure up to the same commitment to the quality of the shopping experience. If you compared how the stores are kept and organized Target is always in the lead. Kmart and Wal-Mart may try to beat the pricing, but Target will match prices and always beat them with the overall shopping experience. We hope that this report will give you a better insight into why Target is the leader, from their commitment to the environment and local communities to the generosity shown to the educational system and charitable organizations. In addition, above all else it really is fun, pleasant, clean and economical to shop there. Our report focuses on five major things to consider: * The Business Plan. Their history plays a major factor in their success and we have found this is why it is a sound investment. It is why they are still a growing company worldwide.  · Environmental Concerns and Local Communities: How this company approaches the concerns of our environment is to be admired. As well as, their giving back to education and a multiple of charities is noteworthy.  · Employee Experience: People who work for this innovative entity have stated their overall satisfaction with their jobs. To mirror the community is a diversification goal also.  · Marketing Strategies: A clean, orderly and safe atmosphere coupled with competitively lower prices, and offering their own brands, is their true strategy.  · Advertizing: Top rated commercials, national popular sponsorships, and choice of logo and colors are the core of their advertizing campaigns. Because of these findings, we have concluded that Target is everything we love and more. We recommend that you do your shopping at a local Target store this holiday season, and enjoy your shopping experience as we do. Introduction: Why is Target so successful and why do we like shopping there so much? The purpose of this report is to show the details of positive attributes that this corporate giant has to offer, as individuals, as well as the local communities, the environment, and the world. * What are their economic standings, growth, and investment opportunities? Are they what we are looking for? * Are they a responsible company to the environment and local areas in which they do business? Are they kind to the less fortunate? * How do their employees feel about working there? Is diversity truly a goal and do they mirror their local communities? * When you enter the store do you feel comfortable and safe? Are the prices and products what you want to see? * Are the commercials and sponsorships memorable? Does the Target logo and colors stick with you afterwards? Background: This report is part of our Business Communications Class at College of the Sequoias; our topic (Target Corporation) was first chosen with others by our professor Lucy DeCaro then chosen again by Susan McCormick. All of us on Team 1 voted unanimously to claim Target as our company to research. We wanted to see if Target held up to our impressions we had prior to researching this company. If you have never shopped at a Target store, this might give you a reason to do so. Target is in almost every city in United States and is gaining a foothold in the global market place. Their logos are a household name with good feeling attached to it. Targets integrity is unmatched in the discount franchise market place. Our goal is to show the direct and indirect benefits that Target has to offer. We intend to prove that this store lives up to the advertizing and slogans we have heard and seen for years. We will highlight the key points and attributes of this company to show how even a corporate giant can be a down to earth positive force for our own personnel benefit and the benefit of others. Their Business Plan: The Target Way Target History in Brief In 1902 Dayton Dry Goods was formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota by George D. Dayton. In 1901 George was a banker / real estate investor who became a partner in Good Fellows Dry Goods Company. Within one year, he took over and became the owner / president and renamed Good Fellows Dry Goods. It was then called Dayton Dry Goods for ten years. In 1912 it is renamed The Dayton Company and is more widely known as Dayton Department Stores. In 1916, The Dayton Company starts Retail Research Association (A co-op of retailers) after two years becomes Associated Merchandising Corporation. 1 Target full_report Corporate ResponsibiltyIn 1920, the company faced a freight-handlers strike, which threatened to stop all delivery of merchandise to the stores. Therefore, Daytons decided to use airplanes to deliver the goods to the stores in Minneapolis. The good were in such high demand because of the strike, that the public escorted the planes though the streets to buy the goods thus started a new era of shipping methods. 1938 George D. Dayton dies and his son George N. Dayton takes over. 1950 George N. dies and Donald C. Dayton takes over as president and gradually all the grandsons take top positions in the company, a truly family owned company. In 1956, The Dayton Company spearheads the first fully enclosed shopping mall putting the top retailers in one shopping building. This was to address the sprawling suburbs needs and changed forever the way we shop here in America. 1960 Target is born. It was the innovative thinking that changed the Daytons Department stores into a new discount store chain we now call Target. It was in 1961 that Douglas J. Dayton targets the department stores vast wealth and knowledge to combine fashion, supermarkets, and discount quality into one shopping place. 1962 they debated and came up with Target as the name of the new chain. They also chose the red and white colors and a Bulls Eye as the new logo. â€Å"As a marksmans goal is to hit the center bulls-eye, the new store would do much the same in terms of retail goods, services, commitment to the community, price, value and overall experience.† May 1st 1962 Targets grand opening in Roseville, Minnesota, followed by St Louis Park, Crystal and Duluth, all in Minnesota within the same year. In addition, in 1966 Target starts up outside of Minnesota in Denver, Colorado. Dayton make the transformation complete as it becomes a national retailer and ceases to be the department store chain it once was. The stock goes public on Sept 6, 1967 with five divisions: Daytons Department Stores, Target Stores, B. Dalton Bookseller, Dayton Jewelers and Dayton Development Company. The next year the company defines the Target symbol Icon, The single red dot with one circle around it. ( Target has evolved in many ways, but a century later still adheres to the founders scrupulous sense of ethics, with thoughtful management, well-defined corporate governance, and continuity in leadership, Target sticks with Daytons view of giving back to community. Investing In The Target Way 1. Take Stock in Target Investing in Target Corporation (TGT: NYSE): Is it a good investment today? The stock market is a still quite volatile and with down turn in the economy, or recession, investors should think twice about it. Many of us are still licking our wounds and frustrated with our 401k plans. So, why invest with a company like target? Ockhams rating (as of 10-14-09) for the past ten years show the cash earnings ratio of price to sales per share highest to lowest are 1.13x to 0.72x. What this means is that the price of the stock must produce a certain cash flow ratio compared to the cost of each share. Targets cash earnings are one of the most important things to consider when thinking of investing in the company. (Dividends are not the most important thing, although, it is nice to get a check in the mail for owning a piece of the company.) The real deal is that if the price of the stock has the ability to generate cash earnings. (Does it make money?) This is what we call the P/E price to earnings ratio. As of 10-16-09, the price per share of Target stock is $51.35 and each share earns $2.86 per share per year. The price to earnings ratio is a bit on the high side at 18.10, based on historic values, (the lower the number the better) but still holds a rather firm grip with investors. Ockham also considers the recent economy and its historical ratios of 16.00 and to 10.02. Dividends are another factor to consider but not the biggest by any stretch at $.68 per share per year, meaning a yield of about 1.38% currently. You should also factor in the historical highs of 2.72% and a low of 0.50%. Today the median dividend is only off by about 14.29% of its median, which is not that good or bad. Overall, it is still a good and safe stock market investment today. (Ockham) 2. Economic Responsibility Target maintains the standards of well-defined corporate governance, a strong commitment to ethical operations, and transparent financial disclosure. (Target 43) Corporate governance has been a Target practice for more than fifty years. (Target 45) Target has a passion to create value for the customer, the stockholders, a value for employees, and a value for the communities in which they do business. Strong Corporate governance at Target starts with a Board of Directors that is independent, engaged, committed, and effective. The Board establishes, maintains, and monitors standards and policies for ethics, business practices, and compliance that span the company. Working with management, they set strategic business objectives, ensure that Target has leadership that is dynamic and responsive, track performance, and institute strong financial controls. Target believes in strengthening investor confidence and creating long-term shareholder value, so they can continue to deliver innovations that provide opportunities for customers and the Target Corporation. (Target Report 45) When searching for companies to invest in, character counts. Target has won numerous awards for these things. (Target Report 47) The 2009 Awards  · Target ranked 41st on the list of â€Å"Americas Most Reputable Companies† Forbes * Target ranked one of the â€Å"Worlds Most Ethical Companies† Ethisphere magazine  · Target named one of â€Å"25 Noteworthy Companies for Diversity† Diversity Inc * Target named one of â€Å"Americas Most Shareholder-Friendly Companies† Institutional Investor magazine  · Target named one of â€Å"Americas Most Popular Stores† Forbes * Target recognized as â€Å"Best in Class for Corporate Governance† Governance Metrics International (GMI) * Target ranked 19th of 363 companies on the list of Worlds Most Admired Companies Fortune magazine * Target ranked 11th among the â€Å"Top 100 Employers of the Class of 2009†Black Collegian magazine * Target named one of the â€Å"Best Places to Work for Recent Grads† * Target recognized on Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index Dow Jones * Target ranked 8th on the list of â€Å"Best Places to Launch a Career† Business Week The details of Target Corporation, accomplishments, and the programs offered, show why this is a place where consumers can shop in comfort and security. This report shows a place where people like to shop, and why people like Target. From front end to back end, Target has all the bases covered. Target Corporation goes beyond the cash registers, with a multitude of socioeconomic programs and community outreach endeavors. Target gives back to local communities on a large scale in education and internships for the development of our future leaders and business people. Target offers a workforce and a workplace that embrace diversity, which gives the corporation an economic advantage to be competitive in this global economy. (Target pressroom) Although, if you searched for bad comments about Target you can find them, this is true about any big company. (Complaint board) These are misleading, and should be put to the test. We are dealing with the positive aspects of this Corporation that f ar outweigh the latter statement. So take a trip to your local Target store and see for yourself, the helpful staff, the clean and bright shopping environment, and everything that Target is offering over the competition! The founders vision, for a company, that focuses on all of the stakeholders remains clear. (Target Report) Expanding 1. New Targets have Environmental Concerns It starts with their architecture and storefront design. â€Å"Target Corp. is breaking out of the big-box mold with unique exterior designs for its new and renovated stores.†They are being required by the cities where Target wants to build new stores that they not only are attractive, but also fit the surrounding community themes. They are doing just that in many of the hosting cities by working with Eames Gilmore, senior manager of architecture of store designs for Target. In order to stay profitable the store design and cost must reach a balance between Targets profitability and cities demands. The exterior designs must also reflect the Target image of cleanliness, modern, and upscale merchandise inside the stores. (John Vomhof Jr.) 2. Super Targets The first Super Target opened in Omaha, Nebraska in 1995. 218 Super Target stores have opened in 22 different U.S states. Most of the stores have opened in Texas and Florida. Super Target stores are approximately 175,000 square feet, offering many amenities to its guests, including a bakery, deli, full grocery selection, and fresh produce. Most Super Targets have a Starbucks, and Pizza hut express. Some stores even have a Taco Bell Express, but are currently being phased out. Super Targets also have a Pharmacy, Target Photo, Target Portrait Studio, and some stores also have a U.S Bank or Wells Fargo. Targets goal is to make their stores a one stop shop, to many shoppers. These days time is money, and to be able to do your banking, grocery shopping and pick your prescription up in one stop is just what we are looking for. (Wikipedia) 3. The Target Way Website targetdotcom.jpg 2 Started in 1999 â€Å"† is an enormous and viable part of the corporate entity, started in 1999 it remains a great stronghold to the company profile. They do so well that is rivaled only by Amazon and eBay for new shoppers visiting the site in December, and they growing by an annual 26% increase year after year. They are in the top eleven online retailers for the overall strongest sales. (Internet Retailer) This is very impressive for the online community as Target is an internet and World Wide Web giant. This just proves again that innovation and forward thinking of the marketing strategy is truly one to make an example of. is so well designed that almost anyone can complete their shopping in little to no time at all. It offers many different uses such as finding a local store, viewing the weekly ad, gift registry, photo and pharmacy. The website has many offers for the consumers during the holidays such as free shipping if you spend more than $50 online. You can also purchase a gift for a loved one online and have it shipped directly to your family member. Target also uses its website for employees who can view and print their paychecks as well as sign up for benefits. ( Diversity 1. The Strength of Many the Power of One Our Commitment The strength of many. The Power of One. 3 42% of Target team members are ethnic minorities (vs. 32% across the u.s) 59% of target team members are women (vs. 48% across the u.s.) 4 Target renamed it diversity program â€Å"the strength of many the power of one†. Diversity at Target isnt a program; it is a core value that is integrated into every area of their business. Target takes pride in being a performance based company that gives equal opportunity to all that perform, and boldly defines diversity as individuality. Targets Diversity Statement on Target .com states; â€Å"Individuality may include a wide spectrum of attributes such as personal style, age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, language, physical ability, religion, family, citizenship status, socioeconomic circumstances, education and life experiences.† To Target diversity is an attribute that makes an individual unique that does not interfere with effective job performance. Target has also taken steps to extend their domestic partner benefits to straight, gay, and lesbian employees. And has received a score of 86 on the Human Right Campaigns equality index score. Target was also named â€Å"One of the top 100 best companies for working mothers† in 2004. (Wikipedia) 2. Mirror the Community Targets goal is to make sure their employees mirror the diversity of their communities as stated in J. Groves personal communication report (2007). As each employee during their training, usually within the first three months of employment, attend courses teaching them about some of the situations they may be faced with and help them to understand the value of diversity with Target. Some of the classes they attend cover dealing with differences among the employees, effective communication skills, working in a multi cultural workplace, and managing inclusion. It is Targets commitment to diversity, their value of the communities in which their stores are, and the ability to hire employees with the same values that keep Targets arms wide open to diversity. (J. Groves) Environmental Concerns and Local CommunitIES Environmental Responsibilities 1. Plans and Goals Target knows the responsibility it shares in taking care of the environment and being a good steward of our natural resources. With these things in mind, Targets plan is thus: * Minimize their carbon footprint * Use resources responsibly * Eliminate waste * Offer a selection of natural, organic and eco-friendly products * Develop facilities that align environmentally, community and business needs * Influence their vendors and suppliers to embrace sustainable practices (Target Report) 2. Reducing the Carbon Footprint Carbon Footprint, the new buzzwords in corporate talk these days, many corporations build this into their overall marketing plan. A marketing plan is not just advertising and selling the product, it is the entire goal and plan of the company with an insight of how the company will affect all stakeholders. The stakeholder in this instance is the environment. Target has since 1989 been using an energy management system, that optimizes their use of energy. According to testimony given to Congress, the U.S. Green Building Council states that buildings emit 39% of all U.S. CO2 and use 71% of the nations electricity.(USGBC) Targets energy management systems, is centrally located and monitored at the corporate headquarters to enable company-wide energy policy and troubleshooting. Along with the close supervision of energy consumption, Target is now looking at the feasibility of retrofitting stores with on-site energy systems, to include renewable energy such as solar cells (see 5) and fuel cell technology, with a goal to reduce Targets overall carbon footprint. Solar roof panels harness the suns energy at a Los Angeles Target store. 3. Eliminating Waste Post Consumer Products has been a great way Target has been generating revenue. Target maintains programs to recycle, corrugated cardboard, electronics, plastics, mixed paper, aluminum and much more. Target also creates policy for internal actions that are much stricter than the local and regional regulations to ensure compliance, with an eye on protecting the natural resources of our planet. Corporate keeps in mind that any company which does not respect the communities that they do business in, and take a proactive environmental stand, will ultimately fail. Target proves that they understand the power of the court of public opinion. (Target Report 28) 4. Offering a Selection of Natural, Organic and Eco-friendly Products Target Food and Grocery is an organic produce retailer, the USDA certified Target in 2006 and Target now carries more than 700 organic items. Many of the organic items that Target sells, are owned-brand items from Archer Farms © label. They produce milk, cereal, whole-wheat pasta, pizza, applesauce, frozen yogurt, olives, tea, and so many other products. (Target Report 31) The health and beauty selection at Target also maintains environmentally responsible standards. All of the personal care products have not been developed through animal testing, and are free of synthetic materials such as phthalates, sulfates and parabens. These standards of environmentally conscious and consumer minded ideals have made Target an industry leader and innovator in how to conduct responsible business in our communities and throughout the world. (Target Report 31) Target also influences vendors, how they use resources, ethical and product safety standards, and the fair treatment of all employees. Target requires that vendors guarantee that all goods are made in compliance with all relevant laws, both U.S. and the laws of the country in which the goods are produced. This includes the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, which governs how employers pay and treat their employees. To be in compliance with this contract term, the vendors must confirm that their business partners are also in compliance with the law. In addition, they establish similar basic minimum requirements in certain countries where labor laws are not yet well developed. If a vendor violates their agreement, the penalties range from the loss of the contract or order to the loss of all future business with Target. (Target Report) Local Communities and Schools 1. Community Outreach Since 1946 Target has given 5% of income through community grants and programs that support education and the arts and social services. Whether it helps kids read, make art supplies available or offering emergency aid in a time of crisis, Target demonstrates its commitment to its communities in many ways. Some of the ways Target supports the community is through giving red card holders the option to choose which school locally they choose to donate 1% of their purchase to. Also Target celebrates Dr. Seusss birthday yearly with volunteers at each store to read to children. Target also provides seniors with a personal shopper during the holidays and even assists them with free gift wrapping. These are just a few of the great things Target does within their stores. Target focuses its community giving efforts in four key areas: arts, education, social services, and other vital partnerships. Arts: Target supports arts experiences that are family-oriented and affordable, including programs such as art exhibits, free days at museums, classes, performances and those that bring the arts to schools or schoolchildren to the arts. Education: Reading is an essential element of each childs educational process. Target supports programs that promote a love of reading or encourage children to read together with their families. We specifically focus on programs that inspire young readers (birth through 3rd grade). In addition, our Take Charge of Education program is a school fundraising initiative. â€Å"Ready. Sit. Read!† is dedicated to fostering a life-long love of reading in children. The program focuses on children from birth to age nine, and was developed in partnership with the United States Department of Education. â€Å"Ready. Sit. Read!† includes a partnership with the national non-profit organization Reach Out and Read; sponsorship of the Library of Congress Letters about Literature project; monthly childrens crossword puzzles; and sponsorship of book festivals throughout the country. Target also supports United Through Reading, a program to help deployed military members and their children stay connected by videotaping the parent reading a book, sending that video to his/her children, and returning a video to the parent that shows the reaction of the child watching the video of the deployed parent reading. Social Services: Target supports organizations that help build strong communities in which we do business. For example, they support organizations that help prevent family violence such as parenting classes and family counseling. In addition, they also provide assistance for support groups and abuse shelters. Other Vital Partnerships: Target supports communities through numerous volunteer programs and the United Way. We are a partner with the American Red Cross to support immediate and on-going disaster relief and preparedness. Our partnership with United Way is one of the most successful campaigns in retail. In keeping with partnerships around the world, Target considers its stewardship vital to the success of all stakeholders and resources. ( 2. Schools and Education Target supports education with the help of our REDcardsm holders, they have donated more than $260,000,000 to K-12 schools since 1997. Take Charge of Education was launched in 1997 and has contributed to over $260 million to more than 110,000 schools nationwide. Through the Take Charge of Education program, Target donates an amount equal to 1% of REDcardsm (Target Visa and Target Card) purchases made at Target and and 1/2% of Target Visa purchases made elsewhere, to the eligible K-12 school of the cardholders choice. Schools have used these unrestricted funds for everything from student recognition programs and new playground equipment to library books and school musical costumes. An impressive 9 million Target cardholders participate in the program. The Target Corporation will award 5,000 field trip grants of up to $800 each for the coming K-12 school year. Managed by Scholarship America, the Target Field Trip Grants Program is open to education professionals who are at least 18 years old and employed by an accredited K-12 public, private, or charter school in the US with a 501(c)(3) or 509(a)(1) tax-exempt status. Educators, teachers, principals, paraprofessionals, or classified staff of these institutions must be willing to plan and execute a field trip that will provide a demonstrable learning experience for students .Grant funds may be used for visits to art, science, and cultural museums; community service or civics projects; career enrichment opportunities; and other events or activities away from the school facility. Funds may also be used to cover field trip-related costs such as transportation, ticket fees, resource materials, and supplies, (Stephanie Gerding Pam MacKellar TCOE (Take Charge of Education ©): Target assists K-12 schools in generating extra income by providing all the necessary formats. Target provides clip art that allows the school to create personalized material for fundraisers, website banners and flyers for their events. Here is how target helps schools raise money. Targets take Charge of Education Campaign gives the schools links to download. With the following links: * Promotion Letter * Thank-You Letter * Donation Letter * Press Release * Full-Page Flyers (8.5 x 11) * Download a Banner * Clip Art * Website Banners All you have to do is click on the subject you want, highlight, cut and paste and you create the document appropriate for the event. ( Target gives the schools tips for success  · Use your parent newsletter and school website to encourage RED cardholders in your community to enroll in Take Charge of Education. Express your thanks to those parents who have designated your school! * Generate excitement—set a donation goal and share your progress. * Tell the community how much your school received from Take Charge of Education, and how it was used. Talk about how the program is making a difference. * Make it easy for people to designate your school by providing the community with your 5-digit school ID assigned by Target. If you would like to participate in Take Charge of Education but prefer an option that does not involve credit cards, you can choose to promote the Target Check Card. It links directly to an existing checking account, with all of the ongoing rewards of a RED card credit account. ( 3. Charities, The United Way, Salvation Army, Red Cross and The Target House Social Services 6 Target is very active in donation to other local charities such as the United Way. Target has actively supported the United Way since 1962. According to, Target and individual team members donated 13 million dollars in 2008, as well as donating 32,000 volunteer hours as part of the United Way campaign. Target also proudly supports the Salvation Army. In 2008 Target provided 2.42million in direct support of the Salvation Armys mission and programs. Target is also active with the American Red Cross providing relief to flood, fire and tornado victims, Target team members donate time and money on an as needed basis. 7 Since the opening of The Target House in 1999, Target in partnership with St. Judes Hospital provides long term housing for patients and their families during their treatment, all at no cost to the family. Patients are assigned to the Target House if the patients treatment is set to be longer than three months. The Target House features 96 two bedroom apartments, fully furnished. They also provide families with free laundry facilities, a playground, a music room, a gym and a library full of books and movies. The Target house is set up to make families feel at home during their loved ones treatment. To date the Target house has housed 1,290 families from 42 states and 36 countries. ( The Target Employee Is It a Good Job? 1. The Employee Experience

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Violence in the Media Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive Topics

Violence in the Media      Ã‚  Ã‚   Gina Marchetti, in her essay "Action-Adventure as Ideology," argues that action- adventure films implicitly convey complex cultural messages regarding American values and the "white American status quo." She continues to say that all action-adventure movies have the same basic structure, including plot, theme, characterization, and iconography. As ideology, this film genre tacitly expresses social norms, values, and morals of its time. Marchetti's essay, written in 1989, applies to films such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and Rambo: First Blood II. However, action-adventure films today seem to be straying farther away from her generalizations about structure, reflecting new and different cultural norms in America. This changing ideology is depicted best in Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers (1994), which defies nearly every concept Marchetti proposes about action-adventure films; and it sets the stage for a whole new viewpoint of action in the '90's.    Until recently, most action-adventure films, to some extent, fit Marchetti's general guidelines. In the case of iconography, she states that all action-adventure films are set in exotic locations, for example decaying temples or rainforests. Most modern American films, though, are set in American cities and towns in which much violence occurs. Natural Born Killers is filmed entirely in New Mexico, Arizona, and Illinois, with dry desert land forming most of the visual scenery. Why is America no longer as interested in exotic and foreign places? Perhaps the modern movies are more realistic, and therefore can solve real American social problems in the realm of fantasy.    In the case of characterization, Marchetti claims that the most st... ...sening up in this country, although not quite to the extreme as in Natural Born Killers. Despite the controversy caused by the assumed message that "killing is cool," there is important ideology embedded within the film. There is sanity within the insane. The film, in a sense, displays the consequences caused by the suppression of the inner, free soul. We've all seen instances of people "cracking" under the pressures of modern society. I'm not suggesting that we live like wild animals, but I do think that Natural Born Killers is an excellent movie which made a natural attempt to kill standard ideology.    Works Cited Natural Born Killers. Dir. Oliver Stone. With Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, and Robert Downy Jr. Warner Bros., 1994. Marchetti, Gina. Action-Adventure as Ideology. Cultural Politics in Contemporary America, 1989.

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Airport Descriptive Essay

Once inside security at the Las Vegas International Airport, one can watch the excited people getting ready to take that once in a lifetime trip. There is a continuous hum of happy chatter, luggage wheels softly rolling across the floor, and cell phones ringing. It’s late in the afternoon, which is a prime time to get through airport security. The lines are short and the TSA agents are proudly dressed wearing their newly dry cleaned cobalt blue uniforms. A meticulously sewn on patch with our Nation’s flag and a magnificent eagle catches my eye, displaying a proud workforce and a dutiful employee.Each uniform displays a shining gold badge that catches the light and the black cords from the walkie talkies hangs close by. There aren’t many people and the TSA agents are standing tall and are eager and delighted to help the next traveler safely pass through security. A mother and her child are happily placing their items in the taupe rubber-maid bin getting ready to s lide it down the black conveyor belt as an important looking business man casually waits behind them.The little boy was obviously dressed to see someone special and proudly sports an army green jacket and a blue and red striped shirt underneath, his pants are clean but you can tell they have been worn dozens of times and he has spent much time on his knees probably playing with his precious red race car he is now happily placing in the container which is now passing through the airport scanner. After obediently placing his items in the bin the little boy slowly but obviously thrilled walks through the big airport scanner grinning at the TSA agent ahead of him.He suddenly jumps enthusiastically as the scanner beeps and promptly turns around and his mom and the well-dressed business man both laugh and admire his energy. His mother starts examining his pockets for any stowaway metal objects. The escapee was found and the boy tries his chance with the big scanner again. This time he suc cessfully makes it through with his pleased mom right behind him. Elated the boy hurries over to examine his red racecar making sure it survived the expedition in the scanner. After carefully gathering their items the mom and her little boy set out to catch their flight.

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Genius Quotes of Galileo Galilei

Genius Quotes of Galileo Galilei Italian inventor and astronomer, Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Italy on February 15, 1564, and died on January 8, 1642. Galileo has been called the Father of the Scientific Revolution. The scientific revolution refers to a period of time (roughly from 1500 to 1700) of great advancement in the sciences that challenged the traditional beliefs about mankinds place and relationship with the universe held by religious orders. On God Scriptures To understand the quotes of Galileo Galilei concerning God and religion we have to understand the times Galileo lived in, an age of transition between religious belief and scientific reason. Galileo received his higher education at a Jesuit monastery beginning at the age of eleven, religious orders provided one of the few sources of advanced education at that time. The Jesuits priests made a great impression on the young Galileo, so much so that at the age of seventeen he announced to his father that he wanted to become a Jesuit. His father immediately removed Galileo from the monastery, not wanting his son to pursue the unprofitable career of becoming a monk. Religion and science were both intertwined and at odds during Galileos lifetime, the late 16th century and early 17th century. For example, a serious discussion among academics at that time, was about the size and shape of hell as depicted in the poem Dantes Inferno. Galileo gave a well-received lecture on the topic, including his scientific opinion about how tall Lucifer was. As a result, Galileo was given a position at the University of Pisa based on favorable reviews of his talk. Galileo Galilei remained a profoundly religious man through his lifetime, he found no conflict with his spiritual beliefs and his studies of science. However, the church did find conflict and Galileo had to answer to charges of heresy in church court more than once. At the age of sixty-eight, Galileo Galilei was tried for heresy for supporting the science that the earth rotated around the sun, the Copernican model of the solar system. The Catholic church supported the geocentric model of the solar system, where the sun and the rest of the planets all rotate around a central non-moving earth. Fearing torture at the hands of the church inquisitors, Galileo made a public confession that he had been wrong to have said that the Earth moves around the Sun. After making his false confession, Galileo quietly mumbled the truth: And yet, it moves. With the battle between science and church that occurred during Galileos lifetime in mind, consider the following quotes from Galileo Galilei about God and the scriptures The Bible shows the way to go to heaven, not the way the heavens go.I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.It is surely harmful to souls to make it a heresy to believe what is proved.It vexes me when they would constrain science by the authority of the Scriptures, and yet do not consider themselves bound to answer reason and experiment.I think that in the discussion of natural problems we ought to begin not with the Scriptures, but with experiments, and demonstrations.By denying scientific principles, one may maintain any paradox.Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.What ever the course of our lives, we should receive them as the highest gift from the hand of God, in which equally reposed the power to do nothing whatever for us. Indeed, we should accept misfortune not only in thanks but in infinite gratitude to Providence, which by such means detaches us from an excessive love for Earthly things and elevates our minds to the celestial and divine. On Astronomy Galileo Galileis contributions to the science of astronomy included; supporting Copernicuss view that the Sun was the center of the solar system, not the Earth, and advancing the use of the newly-invented telescope by observing sun spots, proving that the Moon had mountains and craters, discovering the four moons of Jupiter, and proving that Venus goes through phases. The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.The Milky Way is nothing else but a mass of innumerable stars planted together in clusters. The Study of Science Galileos scientific achievements include inventing: an improved telescope, a horse-powered pump to raise water, and a water thermometer. Facts which at first seem improbable will, even on scant explanation, drop the cloak which has hidden them and stand  forth in naked and simple beauty.In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.Where the senses fail us, reason must step in.Nature is relentless and unchangeable, and it is indifferent as to whether its hidden reasons and actions are understandable to man or not. With Regards to Philosophy I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldnt learn something from him.We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.Passion is the genesis of genius.There are those who reason well, but they are greatly outnumbered by those who reason badly.

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China essayEssay Writing Service

China essayEssay Writing Service China essay China essayThe Chinese economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. In this regard, the competitive position of the Chinese economy depends on multiple factors, while its stable development and steady growth is very important for the enhancement of the competitive position of the Chinese economy in the global market. In this respect, the accounting balance of China and the national currency exchange rate affect consistently the economic development of China and the stability of the national financial markets and economy at large. At the moment, the Chinese economy keeps growing, in spite of negative effects of the global financial crisis which stroke in 2008. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the global financial crisis has had a negative impact on the Chinese economy too but still the crisis has never stopped the growth of the economy of China. Instead, the Chinese economy still keeps growing, while the rest of the world struggles for the stabiliza tion of their economies and accelerated recovery after the economic downturn in 2008. The positive accounting payment balance is still positive for the development of the Chinese economy and China keeps growing taking ever stronger position in the global market. the accounting payment balance allow China to maintain the surplus of export over import so far and the national currency, Chinese Yuan, responds to the economic development and payment balance of China enhancing its position along with the enhancement of the accounting payment balance of the Chinese economy.The accounting payment balance of China mirrors the development of Chinese economy and its structure. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the development of Chinese economy was characterized by the fast growth in the early 2000s, when the growth of the Chinese economy was high and China increased its export substantially. At this point, it is possible to refer to the following graph which mirrors the deve lopment of the accounting payment balance of China in 2005-2012.China’s once huge, but declining surplus on goods dominates the current account. Services trade has been regularly in a small deficit and flows of income swing between deficit and surplus over time. All of these surpluses and deficits must have counterparts in the rest of the world. China’s surplus on goods trade means an equally sized deficit among its trading partners, particularly the US (Park, 2009).At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the growth of the Chinese economy was driven by the growth of the goods’ production mainly. The increase of the goods’ production contributed to the substantial growth of the export of Chinese companies and laid the foundation to the stable economic growth of China within the last decade. At the same time, it is possible to trace certain changes in the accounting payment balance of China. To put it more precisely, the goods’ production comprised the large share in the total economic development of China but, in recent years, the production of goods has decreased its share in the total accounting balance compared to previous years.At the same time, the share of services in the total production and in the accounting balance of China has increased by the early 2010s. Such a change was determined by the increased role of services in the contemporary economic development. In such a situation, China increased the production and export of services that compensated the decreased share of the goods’ production and export. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the fact that the rise of the service production in China and the increase of services share in the account balance of China was the result of the abundant investments and development of high tech industries in China (Wei, 2009). China invested substantial funds into the research and development and encouraged local companies as well as foreign direct inve stors to develop the highly technological production. The progress of technology and the development of the highly technological production contributed to the creation of the larger share of services production in the account balance of the country.Furthermore, another important trend is the drop of the net transfers in the current account share of China by the early 2010. In this regard, the situation was quite different in the mid-2000s, when the net transfers comprised a large share of the account balance of China ranked second largest after the goods production. Currently, the net transfers have dropped their share in the current account balance of China being outpaced by the services production. In such a way, today, services play increasingly more important part in the economic development of China, while net transfers start losing their position. On the other hand, the goods’ production still comprises the core of the Chinese economy and lays the foundation to the stea dy growth of China in economic terms.Also, it is worth mentioning the income balance of China which was unstable during the last decade. Today, the income balance has become relatively stable and foreseeable. At any rate, experts (Rodrick, 2012) believe in the stable and steady growth of the Chinese economy and its accounting balance. Therefore, China has a considerable potential taking into consideration its current economic development and the steady economic growth, whereas other countries of the world suffer from the steady or steep economic decline depending on the impact of the global financial crisis of 2008 on their economies (Wu, 2013).The following graph shows the balance of payment current account and capital and financial accounts.The sum of the vertical bars is the total surplus of supply of foreign exchange over demand. Left to the market, that would have pushed up the renminbi, possibly 20-30% on some estimates, choking off Chinese exporters’ competitiveness an d pushing down the trade balance. This is what critics abroad, notably in the US, mean by currency manipulation, implying that China has rigged the trade market in its favor by keeping its currency at an unfairly low level.The chart shows that the current account surplus has been falling but so has the capital account surplus. The State Administration of Foreign Exchange recently revised down its estimate of the capital account deficit for the second quarter but the downward trend is still marked. If China’s trade surplus keeps shrinking, because of weak demand in rich countries suffering recession or slow growth, and capital is now flowing out of China, then the net balance could become sharply negative (Gao, 2012).Then the central bank, the People’s Bank of China, would have to choose either to use its reserves to fill the gap, keeping the renminbi up, or to let market forces push the currency down. Slowing growth in China is likely to cut its imports, so that the tr ade surplus may grow again. But the days of dramatically rising foreign exchange reserves are over for the moment (Rolf, 2012).The capital account is the sum of long term and relatively stable flows such as foreign direct investment, (FDI, foreign companies buying assets in China and building new factories), and more short term, volatile flows known as â€Å"hot money†. Although China restricts such flows it is very hard to block them completely. FDI remains strongly positive into China. It is widely suspected  that the reversal in the capital account reflects the movement abroad of money by the Chinese rich, ahead of the change in government next month and the associated uncertainty. If the new regime appears stable and calm, perhaps some of this money will return. But if not, the outflow could accelerate, which will put pressure on the renminbi exchange rate. At least that would stop the Americans complaining about unfair trade (So, Lin, Poston, 2012).At this point, the widening gap between the accounting balance and capital and financial account balance is quite disturbing because hypothetically there is a risk of the further ungrounded growth of Chinese financial markets based on great positive expectations which are not backed up by the capital that is available or invested into the Chinese economy. The persisting disparity between the account balance and the capital and financial account balance threaten to create the bubble in the Chinese economy which was similar to the housing bubble in the housing market of the US in 2007-2008, when the US faced a severe economic crisis and the steep decline of the domestic economy comparable to the Great Depression of the 1930s.China essay   part  2