Sunday, November 17, 2019


THE IMPACT OF COMPETITION ON AIR TRAVEL SERVICES A CASE STUDY OF VIRGIN ATLANTIC - Research Proposal Example This study will use quantitative methods of research tom collect data on the effects of competition on the operational and organizational structure of Virgin Atlantic Airlines (Utton 2007). The researchers distributed questionnaires to the respondents and the data collected sampled for analysis. Similarly, some respondents who were not in a position to fill in the questionnaires were interviewed to determine the specific impacts the entry of new airlines would have on the general operation of Virgin Atlantic (Utton 2007). The analysis the collected data through questionnaires was done through statistical programs, and specifically SPSS. Correspondingly, the interview data will be analyzed for four major themes that includes a number of crucial factors. The quotations from the interview will be used in the illustration of study findings from this research work. This research will ascertain that any form of competition either through entry of new airlines into the market, introduction of similar products of service delivery systems into the market and differences in pricing policies have significant effects on the operation and survival of the Virgin Atlantic Airlines. Any form of competition in any viable firm, though instrumental in defining the operational structures of the firm can be detrimental if not countered by appropriate policies (Malaval & BeÃŒ naroya 2002). This research recommends that Virgin Atlantic Airlines be more vigilant and proactive to any changes in the market systems. By checking on the operational strategies of competing firms and establishing better service delivery systems than the competition firms, Virgin Atlantic will be in a better position to attain a fairly high competitive market advantages. The management of Virgin Atlantic should aim at being a leading airline in terms of service delivery and efficiency. Like any other service industry, Virgin

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