Saturday, February 8, 2020

Which is bigger Feel the Fear or The Giant Essay - 2

Which is bigger Feel the Fear or The Giant - Essay Example The accurate and appropriate calculations including all the steps of arriving at the right answers are given in the report analysis section (Berry 1995 pp24). The conclusion part will discuss and comment on the results obtained in the entire investigation. Mathematical modelling is the process of using the concepts of mathematics, as well as its language as a system of description (Berry 1995 pp24). A model of mathematics is the idea of representing the relationship between numerous variables that are significant to a given question or problem. The model is used to solving and provide accurate answers to the given problems or situation. The process uses mathematics to solve situations and problems (Berry 1995 pp24). The model guides the solver to find the answers to the questions asked. The modelling is used for a number of aspects including a description of phenomena in the real world, investigation of the observed world and its issues and questions, idea test and predict the real world among others. Questions one and two deals with the calculations of the maximum and the minimum height. The two questions are essential to the report since they determine the achievement of one of the most important research questions. The other questions, i.e. three and four all lie under the same topic of maximization and minimization. Question three finds the area and question four determines the length or the dimensions of the box. To conclude, the investigation gave the results and the data as expected. The mathematical is relevant to the calculations and analysis section of the report. The process of analysis was used in the report to find accurate answers to the mathematical problems in the report. Using the main ideas in the modelling process such as formulation and analyzing among others. The answers found are accurate and gives a general answer to the research questions. They play the analysis part in the report. The answers include the

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