Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A Comprehensive Analysis Of Nike Company Case Study

A Comprehensive Analysis Of Nike Company - Case Study Example The company has invested a lot of resources in research and development, making the largest company in the category of sportswear. With the innovations, the company wants to be identified as the most recognized company in terms of differentiation. Nike has been faced with a series of problems, which has negatively affected the company’s business image, and consequently, its performance. Some claims include the violation of child labor laws and poor working conditions, such as low wages, long overtime hours without guaranteed payment, forced overtime work, no consultation with workers on matters that concern them, poor medical services and others.Nike Vietnam can take some steps to improve its working conditions in order to redeem its tainted image. The dynamism of strategic management is a continuous management. According to David, a change in any of the management component of a company can necessitate a complete change of the company progress. Nike can also find strategies t o hold onto Emerging Markets such as China and India. Considering that its competitors such Adidas, whose market share surges every day. The company can partner with the existing market leaders in these countries to gain entry into the new markets. The youths in the emerging markets should be targeted as they comprise the majority population. In order to redeem its image, the company needs to rebrand a section of its apparel to go in line with the modern management strategy where the ethics/ social responsibility form part of their themes.... Corporate social responsibility forms part of long term strategic management for any large company like Nike. Working Conditions at Nike Vietnam Company- Weakness Nike Inc. is the leading supplier of athletic shoes and equipment, as well as a key producer of sports equipment in the world (Marina 2008). The company is based in the United States, and its head office is in Beaverton, Oregon. Most people are familiar with various products offered at Nike stores, such as Nike Football, Nike Sportswear, and Nike Volleyball etc. It was from the sale of these products coupled with the company’s slogan â€Å"Just Do It† that Nike could get a profit of $15 billion in 2006 (Marina 2008). As of 2008, the company’s revenue was over $18.6 billion, an indication of its business success. It also has an excess of 30,000 workers globally. However, over the past few years, Nike has been faced with a series of problems, which have negatively affected the company’s business im age, and consequently, its performance. Some issues of concern include paying low wages to its workers, and using child labour among others. As expected, such grave claims are bound to affect the successful establishment of any business both locally and internationally, and Nike is not an exception. For instance, Nike’s sweatshop labour case resulted in numerous controversial debates concerning its ethical business practices. That painted a bad image of the company in the public eye. It is what Nike has been still struggling to overcome among American and other customers worldwide, even if it has tried to recover from bad press coverage. Literature Analysis Over the past few years, Nike has been faced

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