Tuesday, August 27, 2019

MARKETING PLANNING Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

MARKETING PLANNING - Essay Example What demographics lay waiting for the product launch? What such developments and trends effect the possibilities or eventual life of the product in question? And what answers to all these stated complexities has the company planned to take? These questions eventually merge into the economic chapter with questions such as the development and effect of prices, savings and the general trend of people and society has taken and its effects. Are potential factors of production, inclusive of the natural resources as well as capital and labor within the reach of the company so as to expand considerably? Do any of its decisions pose a legal threat or complication? The eventual effect of technology is another factor. Is the technology available adjustable or a new and expensive capital investment is necessary. If so, is it too expensive for the cost-push inflation effects to discourage its life as a commodity? Does if have influences or is victim to being influenced by political or cultural co mplications? And lastly the market structures are analyzed. The customers and their reactions and trends towards similar or new innovative products considered. The size of the markets, the type and the profits analyzed. What about significant competition and the resulting cut in prices? The facilitators and marketing firms, the suppliers and indeed the distribution and dealers considered. Only then, after such a study, is a product, truly launched (Dibbs and Simkin, 2008). The main problem that Sky faces in order to launch its services to a broader audience is, simply put, the different components that can promise a success. First and foremost, the 3D audience that Sky wishes to capture is basically the ones who own HD televisions in the Europe, amounting to around 12 million households. These customers, already getting accustomed to their new and expensive HD sets, are less likely to appreciate further funding into

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