Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Essay --

My initial inspiration for this piece was Trifles, which funnily enough only shares the characteristic of detectives being involved within the plot. As per suggestion on my proposal, I developed my idea of detectives solving a case further by including dialogue and inter-personnel relationships similar to those found in Glengarry Glen Ross. Taking the idea of different members of the real-estate office discussing work and plotting in Glengarry Glen Ross, and applying them to a trio of detectives on a case was interesting to say the least. Upon first thinking of what I wanted to get across, I knew that some form of conspiracy was going to be present. This was done in the revelation at the end that Chris actually was working with their chief to kill off a few of the members on the force. The solving of the murders would look good for the precinct and as an added incentive Chris would get a raise. In hindsight, there is a possible allusion to the plot point in Glengarry where Moss conspires to steal the leads from the office (or at least get someone to do it). I initially based the fo...

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