Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Handling Strategic Management for Global Operations Essay

Handling Strategic Management for Global Operations - Essay Example This is mainly due to the fact, that with the business of information distribution, a larger scale of customers is needed to support the said industry. Surely, with the traditional set up of business industries, a corporation's aim of reaching the most number of customers may not be that possible. But because of the emerging of virtual business and e-commerce, reaching a worldwide range of different customers had been possible for publishing companies in the present times. One of the examples of companies taking the said big step of development is the HarperCollins Publishers in UK. To learn how the said publishing company progressed so much with the step they took in business, it is very important to know how the company used to deal with their business before they accepted the challenge of changing their systematic approach on their chosen industry. HarperCollins Publishing Company has started only with the printing of pamphlets, hymnbooks, and other religious publications when Millworker William Collins has founded it in the year 1819-1824. The humble beginnings of the company took a great leap during the 1853. This was the time when most of the old publishing materials of the company had been upgraded to support larger amount of printing jobs which the company is already receiving. Years continue to change the different printing systems that the company uses. And every year, more and more books are published through HarperCollins Publishing Company. Yet, the big change had happened when the year 2001 came around. The technological innovations such as the internet paved way to the company's further expansion. The company launched its first ever e-book from a large publishing in UK. The lists of books, which the company displayed through the net, were subdivided into two main categories, which are the information books and the entertainment books. Indeed, one of the main consequences of the major improvement taken by the company had brought many customers closer to the company as well as bringing its stockholders closer to the world. Surely, the profit rate went up and the sales became considerably larger than the usual publication income they got before the innovative years came to the company's existence. But surely, there are still other certain big changes that have to be considered. Of course, attaining success from change is not an easy thing to pass. The Changes Being a part of a virtual organization is not an easy task for a "used to be" traditional organization. In fact, taking this step requires a lot of risks for a certain company. This is because there are a lot of adjustments that are involved when the cyber business is already taking place. Of course, the branches of HarperCollins around the world is still adopting several traditional principles both in business management and marketing. But because the company organization it has formulated for the e-world is set a part from the traditional ways of dealing with business, there had been a lot of adjustments specifically with the skills of the employees needed in operating the

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