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Exotic Animals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Exotic Animals - Essay Example Every affectionate lick or purr from your pet gives a beautiful feeling. However, there are few people and there is an emerging trend of preferring exotic animals as pets. Exotic animals are pets that generally cannot be characterized as pets and are domesticated either for fun, to preserve their species or as a status symbol. These animals are a sort of creatures that are considered very unusual ones to have as pets. These animals can include reptiles, amphibians, rodent, birds etc. Although there are many exotic animals which are not completely wild in nature they can be trained and taught how to live in houses as pets. These pets need special care and proper environment so that they can live a healthy life. These animals would not always develop a healthy relationship with their owners, which is why it is better that they may be allowed to thrive in their natural environment (Williams, and DeMello, n.p.). There are laws to prevent the sale of such animals around the world because often when some people succumb to purchasing these exotic animals from stores, online or auction it is important to understand how dangerous it is for these people. What I observed in my research throughout was the most painful process of transportation, since trading these animals is illegal. These exotic animals that we sometimes keep as â€Å"pets† usually suffer from malnutrition, loneliness and being trapped in an unnatural environment, cause deaths. We don’t consider the fact that this every precious animal that made it to the store or auctions followed countless of them to be painfully tortured to death (Allen, and Iggulden, n.p.). I always thought these animals are so afraid of being handled and taken care off because of the conditions they are made go through before coming to us. These few things always intrigued me and I always wondered what made them being so afraid. HUNTING AND TRANSPORTATION The hunting and capturing of these animals is usually done in Aus tralia, Africa and from the jungles of Brazil there are a very few laws and regulations preventing these activities. And the few laws which do exist do not motivate their dealers and smugglers to abstain from their activities. Animals that die along the way, their heads range for thousands of dollars. When these animals are hunted, stripped from their natural habitats and transported around the world, they face the extreme conditions. Animals like parrots might have their feet and beaks taped and stuffed in plastic tubes to hide in their luggage. Stolen birds and reptiles are hidden in special vests so that they can bypass x-ray machines at airports. Baby turtles are tapes from the heads and stuffed in socks in great numbers while reptiles like baby pythons are stuffed in CD cases to ship them. A man who got arrested for shipping animals illegally had Asian leopards in his backpack, birds of paradise in his luggage and monkeys in his underwear. These are the deadly conditions in whi ch these animals are moved from and round different countries. In an undercover investigation which was conducted by a welfare organization in a warehouse in Texas and more than 27,000 exotic animals were found painfully subjected to live in crowded conditions, no food, poor ventilation system, and no basic care. Half of those animals died because they were too weak to saved, hundreds of animals were already found dead along with 400 iguanas in shipping crates that were left for 2 weeks because their delivery was rejected with no food and water (Rudy, n.p.). There has been a very similar recent case of bird smuggling which got disrupted by the police the birds were immediately taken into custody. These birds were being transported in a small

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