Thursday, September 26, 2019

Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Film - Essay Example Because of this, her husband is disappointed but he believes that he will find a way to take care of his son. He joins an internship program where he does not receive any payment. His condition grows worse when his scanning machines are stolen. In addition, he his later evicted from the apartment. They live in the streets, while there he nurtures his son with love and tenderness. With this, the essay brings out what â€Å"The Pursuit of Happyness† says about the modern day fathers and the cultural and social changes reflected in the film. The movie clearly portrays the close relationship between father and son. Christopher provides psychological and emotional support to his child, although they live in the streets. They both struggle hard to achieve their goals knowing very well that success does not come easily, it needs commitment. Christopher Gardner as a single father tries his best to bring up his son in the right way possible (Nadine 4). Christopher Gardener the main cha racter in the film tries his best to balance his professional and personal life. He and his son endure many hardships for instance sleeping in bathrooms. In one of the scenes in this film Christopher is jailed for ten days for not paying the parking fees this shows how Christopher undergoes hardships with his son. This shows how the society values money than human life. As a result of his state in one of the scenes, Christopher pushes women in the bus so that he can get a chance to sleep in the homeless shelter (Nadine 4). This confirms that, when people are in desperate situations morals ceasing to exist they only focus on solving the problem. By this experience between Christopher and his son, the role of modern fathers is clearly brought out. Christopher Gardner balances his personal life and professional life in this film just as modern fathers do. He provides the support he should provide as a father and still works as an intern. In this essay, Christopher struggles to obtain t he American dream and the true happiness just as the modern fathers do especially in the United States of America. There are some social cultural changes addressed in this film. Individualism, which takes a big part in the American society, is portrayed in this film. Individualism is a common problem in the American History. In addition, it has taken root in modern America as portrayed in the film. This means that most American’s believe that they can achieve their dreams by their own self. In this film, Christopher Gardner struggles to raise his son as a single father. He focuses on achieving his dream as an individual. This shows that individualism is a social issue that still exists in America. The film shows how people are trying to achieve the American dream. Besides the main character, the movie revolves on the life of San Francisco. In the film, people struggle to fight time by moving hurriedly in the streets. The movement of the vehicle and the beeps of horns show how urgency surrounds the whole city. People show casing their talents along the roads show how most people in the city are jobless. The musicians who are seen at the start of the film show how most people in San Francisco use their free time to obtain quick cash. The main character in the film is a victim of the highly competitive society. This is shown by how he struggles in life. Christopher has not sold any bone

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