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Could love change people life love between friends, family, couples Essay

Could love change people life love between friends, family, couples - Essay Example In this paper, few factors shall be given that prove the fact that love can cause changes in one’s life and change the aims and goals in life in a positive way. 2. Power of Love Love gives a sense of belonging to someone and thus gives comfort and sense of security. The emotion of love which is linked with family is said to provide more sense of belonging than the other types of love. Fisher stated that the sense of belonging and the emotion of love tend to benefit since individuals are seen to become healthy and confident in life (20). The sense of belonging related to friends tends to improve the social life of individuals in the society. It leads to the linking of feelings of comfort and love with those friends. Hagerty et al. quoted a statement from a famous paper by Lindgren (1990). Hagerty explained Lindgren’s statement and said that the sense of belonging makes one realize that they are valued, associated to a certain group of people and mutual obligations (173). If a person is loved by people, then he does not want to disappoint them or take offensive directions in life. Fisher discussed her research in her paper in 2004 and gave some interesting medical facts about the emotion of love (1). She studied the brain chemistry of a sample that had 40 women and men. Half of the individuals in the sample were in love and having successful relations while the other half had recently gone through broken relationships. However, the individuals with the unsuccessful relations still loved their partners very much. The participants of the research study were given the pictures of their loved ones and brain activities were measured. The measurements gave interesting patterns that explained that the people went through an increment of activity in a specific area in the brain. This area is known to give out dopamine to various parts of the brain. It then increases the energy levels of the body, improving the concentration levels and motivating the individ ual to achieve greater goals in life. This scientific finding provides support for the fact that love tends to motivate the individuals to achieve higher rewards and making their life better, rather than getting busy in negative activities in life. Other than research papers and literature, the world of entertainment has also made many movies on the topic of love. Almost every movie has the aspect of love and the strength that comes from love. The movie Philadelphia was based on the journey of a man who falls ill with AIDS. He gets strength and the motivation from his partner, friends and family to file a suit against a huge organization for firing him upon the news of him falling ill. He does not take up a negative approach in life. He does not even continue to stay depressed for his remaining days. He rather stands tall with the support and love of the people around him and wins the case against his employer. Martin Luther King wrote a famous book with the title, â€Å"Stride tow ard Freedom – The Montgomery Story†. In this book, he explained the meaning of love as a powerful emotion that helps people get security and peace for themselves. King stated, â€Å"the chronicle of 50,000 Negroes who took to heart the principles of nonviolence, who learned to fight for their rights with the weapon of love, and who in the process, acquired a new estimate of their own human worth’’ (King, 9). The brotherly love between all the African Americans gave them

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