Friday, October 18, 2019

Impact of Fast Food Advertising on Childhood Obesity Research Proposal

Impact of Fast Food Advertising on Childhood Obesity - Research Proposal Example nd construction of modern transportation networks have boosted domestic and international trade, which not only created new business opportunities for entrepreneurs but also led to emergence of competition and disposable culture among general public. The life has, indeed, become a race and consumers today demand more disposable (Use, Throw and Forget notion) products so that they could adjust in this speedy external world. In a society where people do not find sufficient time to cook food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there are greater opportunities for fast food businesses that bombard people with a large variety of junk food including burgers, pizzas, sandwiches etc. The inauguration of new franchised outlets by renowned fast food chains such as Burger King, KFC, McDonalds, Carl’s Jr., Pizza Hut and Dominos etc. coupled with entrance of new firms, is the open evidence that demand of fast food has increased considerably in last 2 decades. For instance, the international fa st food chains have also created demand through aggressive informative, persuasive and reminder advertising besides derived demand, for which credit goes to advertising agencies and media resources. Kaiser Family Foundation (2004) has mentioned the following, In short, it is justified to argue that almost 80-90% population including tweens (8 – 12 years), teenagers (12 – 16 years), young adults (16 – 24 years), adults (24 – 40 years), middle aged (40-55) has become addict to fast / junk food because they tend to visit such chains frequently. However, it should not be forgotten that doctors regard fast food quite detrimental and noxious for health of children because it causes obesity and overweight issues. This later affects psychological and mental well-being of children. The research will be conducted to study the increasing use of advertisements by fast food companies and its impact on a child’s purchase decision regarding junk food. The researcher will also identify the

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