Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Risk assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Risk assessment - Essay Example A risk based approach has been adopted for the development of a system for managing health, safety, and environmental risks. The system has been developed by benchmarking the system against international standards such as the ISO 2001. The components of the system include general requirements, SHE policy, planning, implementation and operation, measurement analysis and improvement, and management review. This section includes resources, roles, responsibility and authority. Competence, training and awareness have been addressed. Documentation, control of documents, operational control, and emergency preparedness and response have also been included. Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) is an analytical method used to protect health and safety. The goal of PRA is to develop a method to predict concerns before they manifest in terms of loss, injury, or fatality. The calculation of risk involves mathematical representation and building model. Risk is related to the concept of safety, danger, hazard, loss, injury, death, toxicity, or peril. Risk is defined as , where ci is the consequence, and pi is the probability. Risk is expressed in terms of , average loss of life expectancy, or fatalities per 100000 persons per year (Ragheb, 2009). HSE (2007) has outlined five steps for the assessment of risks in the workplace. These include the identification of hazards; decision on who might be harmed and how; evaluation of risks and decision on precautions; recording of findings and implementation; and review of assessment and update as necessary. Sustainability in manufacturing includes product sustainability assessment, product design for sustainability, lifecycle issues in product design and manufacture, and product manufacture for societal impact. Product design and manufacture for societal impact includes personnel health, operational safety, security of personnel and systems, and work ethics. Manufacturing process should include environmentally conscious

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