Thursday, October 17, 2019

Role of the Internet on literature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Role of the Internet on literature - Essay Example n and the benefits that businesses derive from internet, this paper will argue on the positive role that internet plays in the lives of human beings in enhancing literacy. The UN convention on the Rights of the Child sets out that every child has a right to develop a full potential free from hunger and want, protection from harmful influences, abuse, and be allowed to have a full and harmonious development of his personality (UNHCR, 1997). These principles can become a reality only when the family and school together put in their best efforts in the guidance and protection of the child. Ignorance prompts children to commit cyber crimes and the best way to combat this is through the right education. According to Branigan (2000), technology and computer provide power equally to an adult or a child. If the children be taught the proper behavior of going online, the online crimes can be curbed. Children are taught not to go to someone else’s home and roam about but when it comes to the internet the perceptions are distorted. They have to be made conscious of the similarity. Children do not realize that hacking is a crime and they use the computer a s a weapon (Cybercitizenship, n.d.). The responsibility lies with the parents and the school authorities to insure that the children are taught not just to use technology but to use it productively and wisely. The same internet is used for education and also to download obscene material. The children should be made to understand that this is theft of intellectual property and need guidance at this stage. The only way that such crime rates can be lowered if not eliminated is to educate the children adequately on the consequences. In an organization managers report abuse of the internet by the employees, which leads to time wasted on non-work related email, online chat, online shopping, downloading of games, music, and software, and thereby making the system vulnerable to virus. The efforts of companies in implementing

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